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And awaaayyyyy we row! Tyler's 2 cents and the 14.4 breakdown

First, I would like to apologize for the cheesy title.  Sorry.


Now that that's out of the way, lets get into some thoughts about 14.4.  


This is the longest workout we’ve seen yet in the 2014 Open. (OK, I will concede that 14.2 was long for the elite folks, but for most of us, it was only a few minutes.)  It’s also the first time we’ve seen a rower make an appearance in the open, and it’s the first time we’ve seen a real chipper show up.  That is, unless you count the Karen/Double Under/Muscle Up horror show that we saw the previous 2 years.  We’ve got 5 different movements going on here and a couple different strategies to talk about, so I’m going to get right into it.  Here’s my thoughts on how to do well with 14.4:


Pace, Pace, Pace.  Pace.  Pace.  Should I say it again?  Pace.


14.3 - Tyler's 2 cents and a few more thoughts.

I thought I might start by sharing some of the ideas I had when trying to title this blog post:

  • 14.3 – Safety First, Kids!
  • 14.3 – A chiropractor’s dream.
  • 14.3 – Don’t let your lower back explode or your spine shoot out your throat.
  • 14.3 – Really, Dave?  Seriously?


Well, you get the idea…..  14.3 is a ladder of deadlifts where both the rep count and weight increase.  Between each set of deadlifts is a set of 15 box jumps.  This will be a great workout for the regional and Games level competitors.  We have not yet seen any Open WOD go this heavy, and it will give the really strong athletes a chance to shine.  If you haven’t guessed yet however, I have some reservations about this workout for the 200,000 or so other people who will attempt this in the next few days.  For the average mortal CrossFitter, this workout poses some serious safety issues that cannot be ignored.  With that in mind, the Open is also a chance to push through boundaries and surprise yourself with just how far you have come in the last year.  Here’s a few things that I think will be helpful in approaching 14.3.


Confluence Closed For Wednesday Evening, Thursday Morning & Day

Per our newsletter announcement, we are now closed until Thursday at 4:30 pm due to the severe storm. If you are not currently subscribed to our newsletter please let us know as it is our primary method of direct communication for events like these. If the roads are not in decent shape by Thursday afternoon we may cancel Thursday night classes as well.

Enjoy the white stuff!

The eagle has landed (or, now we know what the first CrossFit Games Open workout is...)

Things we learned on Thursday night:

  • Dave Castro seems to get just a bit weirder every year.
  • The CF Games Open workout announcements are entertaining, even if they are a bit like a 2nd rate WWF match.
  • That you can be really good at double unders – even if it doesn’t seem like the rope would fit around your ego. (I’m looking at you Mr. Fisher…)

Oh yeah, and

  • The first CF Open WOD of 2014 is:

AMRAP in 10 Minutes:

30 Double Unders

15 Snatches (75/55)


All kidding aside – if you caught the 14.1 announcement throwdown last night, both athletes put forth some great performances and some serious scores.  My score will not even come close to what was done on that stage.  Given that this is a repeat of the very first CrossFit Open workout in 2011, we know a bit about how this will go.  So, how do we get ready for something like this?  What’s important to know, and what’s the game plan?  Here’s a few things that I think are worth considering:


The Open is coming......

Well, here we are again folks.  It seems the CrossFit Open has managed to quietly sneak onto our calendar.  CrossFit HQ has announced the dates for the Open and Regional competitions leading up to the CrossFit Games (check out the official announcement here).  One workout will be released each week for 5 weeks.  An athlete’s standing after all 5 workouts will determine their eligibility to participate in Regionals and eventually move on to the CrossFit Games in California in July.  This year the first CrossFit Open workout will be announced on Thursday, February 27th.  Now, for those of you don’t think of yourself as “athletes”, or “competitive”, or “competitive athletes” – bear with me for a few more paragraphs – this is still exciting news.


There are a lot of great reasons to sign up for the CrossFit Games Open.  If you participated last year or the year before, the Open can be a great way to measure your progress since then.  As long as you can meet basic movement standards (squat, pull up, push up, box jump, etc.), the workouts are smartly programmed to test your work capacity across all the major modalities - and the leaderboard scoring system gives you a way to see where you stand in the larger (like world-wide kind of larger) CrossFit community.  If you have participated in past years, you already know firsthand about the electric atmosphere of the Open workouts.  Beyond the whiteboards and the leaderboards however, lies an experience that is exciting, empowering, and inspiring. 


Let's Redefine "Beauty" Together

A terrific video from the CrossFit Community on the definition of beauty. Watch it and you'll understand why CrossFitters care so much about getting our first pull-up, going prescribed on a workout or perfecting our air squat...

Click Here to watch, and look for Vermonter Dani Horan about 1/2 of the way in, climbing the rope in "Legless!"

Congratulations to our first Member of the Month!

Sandy Bigglestone

Sandy started CrossFit at the Confluence in October 2011. She was off to a great start when she discovered in February 2012 that she had a brain tumor and was forced to stop CrossFit to face the tumor.  Sandy had brain surgery in March 2012 and fortunately the tumor was successfully removed and the long road to recovery began.  Sandy came back to The Confluence in October 2012. When she first returned, she was told not to lift more than 10lbs and would do walks around the fitpark with sandbags for workouts as a way to be back around the Confluence community.  When Sandy first returned, she struggled, got angry, and cried but worked hard in the hopes of regaining her post surgery strength.  In November/December of 2012 Sandy started doing CrossFit WODs two times per week, but was still struggling with both strength and confidence.

In January, Sandy did the Whole 30 and it jump started her body from the inside out. Sandy lost 10lbs during the Whole 30 and 2-3% body fat and felt better than she had since discovering the tumor.  After the Whole 30 was over, Sandy continued her gains in strength and health and has lost 25lbs and another 3% body fat.  Recently, Sandy has started personal training sessions with Shannon with the goal of getting stronger and having better form.  Well it’s been working!! Sandy has been setting tons of new PRs including a 205lb deadlift when she never thought she’d be able to lift 200lbs. Sandy also did her first prescribed WOD on July 28 of 3 Rounds of 5 front squats (80#) and 10 burpees.  After the WOD was over Sandy discovered that she actually did the front squats and 85#, 5lbs over the prescribed weight!

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